Introducing Milly!

Milly Dog on The Sent

I’m pretty sure we were at capacity over here in these parts. 3 kids, new house (that needs a lot of work!), part-time job for me, full time job for hubby, etc. BUT we all had this nagging little voice inside our heads saying, “It’s time for a puppy.” In fact two members of our family used to remind us every time we saw one (ANYWHERE) that we promised them we would get a dog after we moved to our new house. And then they got their teeny tiny little brother to say the word “doggy” in the precious way that only a 16 month old can say it every time he saw a dog, and the rest is history. And let’s be honest – you all know we are major animal people. Pets mean chaos, but at least it’s happy chaos.

I am thrilled to introduce you to Windmill “Milly” Pless, who came into the family in the end of July. She is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, a Dutch breed, which we know would have thrilled our Dutch Opa who we lost last year. It felt too perfect that they are a hunting breed, and my husband used to spend hours of his youth marching through the woods of VT with a shotgun slung over his shoulder with his father. It was one of the things they did together that really connected them. And now the hope is that our Milly will be a member of the family, but also one day be able to join John in the fields, if he ever again finds time to hunt. Ha! The whole three kids and a dog thing keeps us both very busy. I was sold on this breed after meeting a few in our old neighborhood years ago. And the best news of all? They don’t shed. (Side note: I am allergic to dogs that shed.) The best thing we’ve done so far is committing to work with a trainer to help us establish some healthy boundaries and command skills with Milly. Let’s be realistic – she’s a puppy. Lots of chewing and accidents in the months ahead, but with time I know Milly is going to be so well behaved. We have been working with Talia at Dog Gone Smart out of Norwalk and I am pretty sure she is a serious dog whisperer. We have about 3 commands down so far. Let’s hear it for man, woman, and child’s best friend. Woof!

Milly Dog on The Sent Milly Dog on The Sent Milly Dog on The SentMilly Dog on The Sent Milly Dog on The Sent Milly Dog on The Sent DSC_0237

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  1. Cathy Curley says:

    That bottom photo is TOO TOO precious! : )

  2. Love Milly

  3. So cute! Love the last photo.

  4. We want to meet Milly and give her kisses 🙂

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