I’m a bookie. I love reading – and I especially love the feel of an old-fashioned paper book in my hands. Since starting the blog I have found myself logging many hours at my local library. I spend hours typing away in the company of others bibliophiles in search of books, kid-free space, and quiet company. It’s a great place to get things done. The children’s floor is fabulous as well but I digress…

I will always love books but that being said, I can really appreciate the ease of E-readers. Most people I know have made the move from paper to gadget so this public service announcement is for them. I am thrilled to share that I have recently learned that you can rent books from the library for your E-reader. How cool is that!?! I have many friends who are writers and I certainly encourage people to continue buying and filling their bookshelves with good books. But for a book you are curious about but not quite sure you want to commit… Now you can rent that book for free and have it locked and loaded onto your gadget for 14 days. Word to the wise – after 14 days that book will technologically disappear into the ether. I have to imagine there is nothing quite as frustrating as getting to the last chapter (Me Before You, I might have died!) and then opening your iPad to find it had disappeared. So in conclusion pace yourself – and get reading. No excuses.

The RED arrows in the image above indicate the link you click thru on the Greenwich Library Website to search and choose books.

The RED arrows in the image above indicate the search box where you can look for your desired title. You can “check out” 10 e-books at a time.

** And for those that find this tech-forward offering a little daunting – the Greenwich Library offers courses on how to download and get access to your e-books at the Main Library on the Post Road at 11am on Tuesdays and at 3pm on Thursdays at the “drop-in computer lab”.

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