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All right gang! Just me here with another PSA about a great business started by friends. If you have been hanging around these parts since I started writing six years ago, you know I really dig on women and their second acts. I new career path, a smart much-needed small business, a new artistic venture – I am eager to share it all. That is why I am thrilled to let you know my friends Crissy Robinson and Serena Bechtel recently started Above and Beyond, a company that takes the stress out of moving, getting organized, and decluttering your life. I did a pretty major re-org of my pantry a few weeks back and I can’t even begin to explain how relaxed it made me. Maybe you need some organization in your life too, but don’t have the time or energy to do it on your own? Give these ladies a call and I guarantee you’ll start to feel that stress melt away.

Q&A with Crissy Robinson and Serena Bechtel of Above and Beyond:

What is Above and Beyond?

Above and Beyond is a decluttering and move management company.  Our services are designed to fit the needs of the client.  Whether assisting in clearing the clutter to make the home ready for sale, including removing items for sale, donation, or disposal; organizing and styling rooms for a more streamlined appearance; packing up clients for a move and working with service providers; and unpacking the client at their new home for a stress free experience, we are here to help.

Who is your ideal client for decluttering and moving?

A person who is overwhelmed with responsibilities and cannot devote time and effort to the process. A person who isn’t confident in his or her ability to execute these services on his own. A person who needs an extra set of hands or guidance to support him or her in these endeavors.  A person who is under time constraints.  A person who needs an objective opinion about clearing out the extra stuff in his or her home. A person who needs objective assistance in an estate situation. A person who needs help getting his or her house ready to put on the market. A person who just doesn’t know where to start. A person who doesn’t know how to get rid of their unwanted items.

How do you help people?

We can work either side by side with the client or alone to take the stress out of a difficult process.

Why did you launch this business?

After helping family members through the arduous process of decluttering their homes and then facilitating their move, we realized there was an obvious need for an objective yet compassionate approach to provide these services.  With our backgrounds rooted in the arts and management, we felt confident that we could fill this void.

Where can people learn more about what we are doing?

They can find us on our website:, Instagram @aboveandbeyondct, or email: [email protected].

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