Giving a Gift that Matters: The Niblock Family Trust

The Niblock Family

Tis the season to give! And this year I am asking you all to consider giving a gift to a dear friend of mine who is incredibly worthy of your generosity. He is a father, a brother, a son, a husband and a friend. Andrew Niblock is truly the best. Last year our community ran full speed into a brick wall. Andrew, one of the most beloved members of the school community my children attend, was diagnosed with ALS. It knocked the wind out of me when I heard the news. I was mad, I was sad, I was astonished, and terrified. But our amazing friend, who is afflicted with this disease, has been brave, humble, funny, and incredibly strong despite his diagnosis. When first diagnosed Andrew encouraged us all to be hopeful, and assured us he would give it his all to fight and beat this awful disease. And that’s what he is doing. Showing up big time, always with a smile on his face, and reminding us all what really matters. Andrew’s wife is a close friend and the bravest woman I know. And his two precious boys are marching right alongside their dad every day. This family shines bright, and they are changing the world around them for the better. They inspire me to live better. And I don’t want to even think of what the world would be like without Andrew in it. So this is my call to action.

We need to rise up with Andrew, because now more than ever we need heroes like him around us. We see his humility, and we realize that it needs to be replicated. His grit is teaching us that we can do hard things. His hope and optimism are teaching us that hope and optimism can make any situation better. I’m asking you to give this holiday, because this family is worth it. ALS doesn’t just affect the person who has the disease, but it affects the whole family too. And there is a lot they need to purchase to keep their day to day as normal as possible. There is also so much treatment that insurance doesn’t cover. Andrew has already lost the ability to use his hands, but I’m praying that the cutting edge stem cell treatment he is getting in South Korea, will halt the disease in its tracks. If we give, we can make sure their family has the physical tools and helping hands they need; as well as funds to access the absolute best in medical care. It’s what they deserve.

So if this holiday season you are looking to give a gift that really matters, here is your chance. And every single dollar counts. If 100 of my readers gave a $100 donation, we’d have $10,000. And $10,000 could buy computer eye gaze technology allowing Andrew (who, like all ALS patients, will retain the use of his eye muscles despite complete paralysis) to continue interacting with family, friends, and work if he should need it. We pray for a cure, but in the meantime we will realistically give, in order to lessen the burden they are already facing because of ALS. Let’s do this! Let’s be the people who make miracles happen this holiday season.

The link to the Niblock Family Trust can be found here. Because it is a trust, you can give by sending a check or wiring money through their website. But for those who would like to donate online you can give to my non-profit Little Wings here, and I will send 100 % of all funds donated between now and end of February 2018 to the Niblock Trust. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Andrew Riding the 9 Mile Tri-Sate Trek to End ALS


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  1. Sara Morris says:

    Every time I say “y’all” (having retired to North Carolina), I think of you, Andrew.

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