I’m a Little Teapot

I have a strong sense this blog post might resonate with at least a few readers. Recently I have felt like a teapot about to blow. And not just a “boy do I need a glass of wine at the end of the day” kind of blow, but a full on “I am going to… read more

Parenting: A Fearless Moment

x https://youtu.be/bzTNdBue1I4 My Brave Little Sophie Dancing to The Beat of Her Own Drum Earlier this week I drove my older daughter’s class on a field trip. After dropping my four charges back at school I drove by the playground and saw my younger 4-year-old daughter on the playground with her classmates so I stopped… read more

Parenting: The Things I Know

Living is learning and as you’d expect I have added many new “tips and tid bits” to my arsenal of knowledge since my third baby arrived 5 months ago. It is amazing that parenting never ceases to present us with opportunities to learn, grow, and gape in awe at the sheer wonder of it all. Being a… read more

Parenting: Funny Things Kids Say

One afternoon we got home from school and my older daughter Emma immediately asked me if I could help her with a project, make her chicken soup for lunch, and please please get her some lemonade with ice because she was “dying of thirst”. As I was explaining to her that I could only do one thing… read more

Parenting: Every Child is Different

Almost 5 years ago when I found out I was having a second daughter I thought, “How perfect! At least I know what to expect.” How very wrong I was… As one of 8 children it’s a wonder that I was naive enough to imagine that my two girls would be the same considering that… read more

Parenting: Making Room for Emotions

Earlier this week I picked my daughter up from school and her teacher stopped us as we entered to ask if my little one was in a better mood today. Of course that begged the question, “Was she in a bad mood yesterday?” Her teacher went on to tell me that she hadn’t been her… read more

Wave Hello, Say Goodbye…

The Minis on Sophie’s Last Day of School I have a feeling in my heart. It’s good and bad – bitter and sweet. There’s a clamp around it that tightens as I type – trying to hold back tears. My bigger mini graduated from nursery school today. I know, I know – it sounds like… read more

Baby Boon!

This gadget was shown to me today and it is just too good not to share immediately. If you have a baby – you need it. I believe that “pouch baby food” is the best parenting invention to hit the market in the last 4 years. This spoon attachment just makes it that much more civilized…. read more

A Mother’s Grace

I usually don’t blog on the weekend but on this Mother’s Day I choose to share. Because yes, it does matter. I wasn’t sure how to sum up what I aim to do on this blog. Then one day – in the midst of life’s chaos and noise – it came to me.  “Share. It matters.” Did… read more

Ick! We got sick! Twice!

The flus, the colds, the coughs, the croup… Winter can be brutal when you have kids. It was a minor miracle that we made it as far into the winter as we did before being affected. A few weeks back the stomach bug came knocking at our door. That was a heck of an experience…. read more