Dream Trip: Napa Valley

Meadowood in Napa on The Sent

When you have young children, the holidays are incredible. They are also incredibly exhausting. Right about now an “adults only” vacation sounds heavenly. I’ve been dreaming of a romantic trip to Napa for years and it just hasn’t fit in the schedule to date. Based on the places I have checked out online I have a feeling that when we finally do go it’ll be well worth the wait. I’ve researched a few places and Meadowood, once a country club built in 1964 and then turned into a winery and resort in 1979, looks like the perfect place to stay. The views are stunning, the golf course an added bonus, and the communal spaces and restaurants look fabulous. Let’s not even get started on the spa and private en-suite dining. Calgon take me away…


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  1. I’m in!!! xo

  2. Meadowood is amazing! You should definitely go. Make sure you eat at The Restaurant. Unreal. A Napa Valley trip sounds pretty perfect about now. Happy New Year!

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