Wave Hello, Say Goodbye…

The Minis on Sophie’s Last Day of School I have a feeling in my heart. It’s good and bad – bitter and sweet. There’s a clamp around it that tightens as I type – trying to hold back tears. My bigger mini graduated from nursery school today. I know, I know – it sounds like… read more

Just Flow

Oh yoga – how I had missed you… Today I am very grateful for Janel – a yogi, an inspiration, a new friend, and a teacher. I thank her for all the great classes so far. And the music. You know I always need music. It makes everything flow. Even if you skip the yoga… read more

Tri and Tri and Tri

Have you been telling yourself you are going to get back to the gym and that start date keeps getting¬†postponed? A little extra “baby” weight you just can’t shake? A “handful” of lovin’ in your torso region that you can’t seem to part with? Any interest in showing your kids that Mommy and Daddy can… read more

Baby Boon!

This gadget was shown to me today and it is just too good not to share¬†immediately. If you have a baby – you need it. I believe that “pouch baby food” is the best parenting invention to hit the market in the last 4 years. This spoon attachment just makes it that much more civilized…. read more