A Tireless Effort

Doesn’t it feel good when someone thanks you. Looks you in the eye and really says “Thank you.” I think there is great value in letting someone know they are appreciated. I know it makes me work even harder when I think gratitude might be lurking on the other side of my endeavor. So here’s… read more

Get your green on!

If I close my eyes and think about a place I wish existed – a place created to satisfy my every health food craving – I would envision a place called “Green & Tonic”. I would go there every day for fresh pressed juice. Lunch would be a green and gorgeous salad with nuts, quinoa,… read more

A special space…

Don’t we all crave a special space? A place where you can unwind, decompress, and relax. A space where the view allows you to daydream about future plans and favorite moments from the past. A space where the things hanging on the wall feel in sync. A place where the bed is welcoming or the… read more

Morning Muffins!

It’s summertime! That means berry time! First up – a healthyish mixed berry muffin that is a great “grab and go” item for kids who are running late for camp drop off. First week of camp we had 3 of 5 breakfasts in the car as we cruised to two different drop-offs that both start at… read more

School’s Out!

Anybody need some fun things to do with kids this summer? I say keep it easy. I am always amazed by the reaction I get from my girls when we do something that seems so simple to my ever-overcomplicating-things mind. With them we spend hours admiring bubbles… Heavenly, simple, family-oriented fun. Happy summer! It finally… read more

With all this rain…

With all this rain – one needs a little inspiration. If this terrible wet weather persists I fear we may end up with a lake in our front yard and a river in our back. The gray skies make me pensive. I crave cozy moments, snuggled up at home, thinking about the change that has… read more

Party time!

As a writer – most of my work is logged during late nights and early mornings with only the clicking of the keyboard to keep me company. As a blogger I thrive on partnerships – interviews with clever creators and photo shoots with snappy objects. I collaborate because I believe in the people, places, things,… read more

Dear Old Dad

So here I am blogging about just how crafty and organized I am trying to become and what do I do? I leave shopping for Father’s Day gifts to the very last minute. Not crafty. Not organized. Sorry Dad. Sorry Husband. I may not have ordered personalized golf balls months ago but I do fancy… read more

Hot Lips

Lovin’ me some fuchsia lips these days… One can always blend into the crowd with subtle make-up and then *SHAZZAM* – you add pink lips and you become fabulous! Notice how I have selected images of women with different skin tones, different shades of hair, and different colored eyes. Truly this look can work on anyone…. read more

House Beautiful

I’ve got a cousin-in-law who is just one of those women. Effortlessly chic in a casual and cool kind of way. Bohemian yet modern. Relaxed but always accessorized with a piece that is truly unique. She has a lot of talents – one of them being a keen eye for interior design – and that’s… read more