London Calling

As a girl who has always lived close to home – I envy those who “cross the pond” to explore lands unknown. I recently spent an afternoon catching up with my friend Cathy Dishner who writes the blog Modern Expat Family. She regaled me with stories of her trials and tribulations after transporting her family… read more

Golden Gourds

I rarely have time – but I must admit that I adore reading about DIY projects. The simplest of the projects I admire are the ones I attempt at home. I am also always drawn to the ones I can get my kids involved with. As previously noted here I adore child labor. While in… read more


Secretly I wish my kids could wear small (somewhat stylish) collars that shock them ever so lightly (enough to make them stop but not enough to really hurt them) every time they whine. Is that bad? Secretly I hope that one day John drops one of his gargantuan wooden shoe trees onto his big toe… read more

Falling For…

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I’m a bookie. I love reading – and I especially love the feel of an old-fashioned paper book in my hands. Since starting the blog I have found myself logging many hours at my local library. I spend hours typing away in the company of others bibliophiles in search of books, kid-free space, and quiet… read more


My “editor in chief” pointed out that yesterday’s post was not clear. Please do click on the bolded words in each sentence to see what I’ve been reading… I think you’ll enjoy them. image:

The Weekly

tumblr {Click the bolded words for my favorite links of the week.} Start with this. Holy dear lord – I was laughing so hard at a few of these notes that I almost cried… #9? I mean come on… I would love to have one of these coins turn up in my change… This pie had… read more

Best Books: The Snatchabook

Guess who? When I was young there was a rule in our household. With toys and candy there were reasonable limits, but with books the sky was the limit. My mom couldn’t imagine limiting our access to reading so she very rarely declined a  request to buy books. I remember waiting with bated breath each… read more


Jimmy Fallon, you’re my hero. I love to laugh. This little clip literally had me guffawing out loud. It’s the middle of the week. That requires a little levity. CLAH people, CLAH.

Good Jeans

I love wine. I love jeans. I love jeans and wine together. I am thrilled to announce a lovely little collaboration between The Sent, The Blues Jean Bar, and Le Wine Shop. Please join us for an evening of cocktails and shopping. Admit it. You hate shopping for jeans on your own. Now you can… read more