Saturday Night Lights!

Far too many people I care about have lost loved ones to brain cancer. The greatest way we can honor those who have died is by trying to create a future without this illness. A group of wonderful women run this event which raises money to find a cure for brain cancer through research grants…. read more

Cherry Bomb!

Despite my best efforts to kick the habit I am hopelessly obsessed with sugar. Sigh… To avoid going off the deep end I do my best to keep sweets around the house that have some redeeming health qualities. This recipe is packed with protein (thank you almonds and cashews), has no processed ingredients, and is… read more

Make-Up Break Up!

I recently dropped my absolute favorite Laura Mercier eyeshadow on the tile floor and alas I thought she was gone for good. Gold Dust is a discontinued color… And then something happened that I consider to be a rarity these days –  I remembered something someone had told me. Yup. I did. My sister told… read more

The Sentimentalist Site Redesign

While it has been a frosty winter it’s starting to feel like spring has sprung over here at The Sentimentalist! Give us one good day of sunshine and temperatures above 30 degrees and we have a bounce in our step and a grin on our face. This seemed like the perfect time to introduce you… read more

Monsta Mash

For the outdoorsy, weekend traveling, gear hauling amongst us – this one is a no-brainer. Do you have a rooftop carrier on your car? Want that carrier to be wicked cool and different than all the others you see on the road? Then you best be getting yourself a Monstapod! With just a few stickers… read more

February: Links I Love

  For all you high end shoppers… You’ll never worry about sounding like an amateur again. Even when they tell you “you can’t” – always believe YOU CAN. Loving watcing the sports in Sochi. Really cool post with national flags made of food! Wish I didn’t always kill my orchids. Perhaps some more realistic options? What… read more

Never Forget Love

I’m not one to celebrate “Hallmark” holidays, but I am one to take every opportunity I have to tell the people I love how I feel. My husband, my children, my family and friends – I love you all. I do. And to my readers, thank you for the incredible outpouring of compassion and support that has… read more

And then there was none…

Here is how it all began… Me: “Sweetie, I really feel like we should have a third child.” My Husband: “Sweetie, I really don’t feel that way.” Me: “But Sweetie, there is this little voice inside me saying that someone is still missing from our gang.” My Husband: “That’s funny because the voice inside my… read more

Totally Chafed

The wind, the snow, the ice… It’s been one heck of a winter so far. My cuticles are cracked. The tips of my fingers are calloused. And the skin on my hands is perpetually dry and rough. I first heard about Weleda Skin Food on the beauty blog, Into the Gloss. It’s been a favorite of Tory… read more

Midas Touch

If you asked those who know me well – they would say I am a 100% bonafide collector hoarder. I would disagree with them and say that I just really see the potential in old things. I am incapable of letting go of things for fear I will miss them. Nostalgia, you are my friend. Not so… read more