Wise Words for the New Season

Fall Fashion Favorite: Emerson Fry

As fall creeps closer and closer I must say I am excited about changing out summer frocks for a more layered fall look. As the temperatures drop I love layering sweaters with light coats and big chunky scarves. Nobody has nailed this look better than Emerson Fry with their Fall ’14 collection. I’ll take one… read more

August: Links I Love

Here are some of my favorite links from around the web this month. Click the bolded word to be redirected to the links! Best summer pics ever! Wise words from deep thinkers… This ain’t no five minute make-up but she sure does look good after it’s said and done! Love this love story. This is… read more

Dwell: Tree House

Peter Behouth was a boy who loved a treehouse. So much so that when he grew up the former Greenpeace Executive Director bought the lot next to his home in Atlanta and earmarked three perfect trees to see his childhood dreams come to fruition. An avid environmentalist Behouth was thrilled to use the land without… read more

Slogans that Actually Make Sense

Here’s a little levity for this rainy summer day. These fake slogans created by Honest Slogans are hysterical and so true…

Bump Watch

Feeling: I must admit I am one of those women who absolutely adores being pregnant. Every single moment of this process feels like a complete miracle to me. My hand is never far from my belly because I don’t want to miss even a single kick. A smile often creeps across my face when I… read more

Read: Tell the Wolves I’m Home

In August my appetite for reading increases tenfold. I feel fall nipping at my heels and I’m desperate to take advantage of the last few slow summer days, carving out more time to devour books before the chaos of back-to-school begins.  Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt has been my favorite summer read so far…. read more

Art: A View from Above

Sometimes from up close our world can look so scary. Jarring, fast-paced, and frenetic. It’s tough to see the fine details as car goes whizzing by and people shout when only inches away from each other. But then we step back a little, look from a distance, and get some perspective on what the picture… read more

Apple: Ruler of the Tech Universe or Big Bad Bully?

I don’t usually use this blog as a platform for anything negative but this post unfortunately has a rather harumphy tone to it. I feel disillusioned. By many big things from time to time – but by something rather small and inconsequential today. This is truly nothing more than a short rant about my disappointment… read more

Technology: Kiddie Apps

With end of summer road trips on the horizon we’ve been thinking about how to entertain the girls while we’re in the car. For long drives we always opt for a balance of books, crafts, and a little technology thrown in too. Technology sometimes consists of a movie on the travel dvd player but more… read more