November: Links I Love

Here’s a round-up of my favorite links from around the web this past month. And yes, we are a day late as it is December 1st but that’s what a newborn does to you. Ha! Enjoy. Here’s a great article about letting go of cliques and really being grateful for true friends. I loved this… read more

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

This year is doubly sweet in our household as we all feel incredibly thankful for the arrival of our sweet baby John. There is nothing like a healthy baby to help you put life in perspective and really focus on what matters. Once the turkey is gone and the last pie plate has been scraped… read more

October: Links I Love

As October draws to an end here are some of my favorite links from around the web. Click on the bolded words to see the links.  A great little chart on the most efficient way to organized your fridge and maximize freshness. Love this little apartment. It’s a busy moms private getaway for her and… read more

September: Links I Love

As September draws to an end here are some of my favorite links from around the web. Click on the bolded words to see the links. These smoothies sound fantastic. So sick of either oatmeal or eggs for breakfast… I am obsessed with these cabins. More than “cabins” truly… This story is enough to keep… read more

Lovin’ blogs? Then try Bloglovin’!

I am a total convert. 3 years ago I didn’t even know what a blog was but here we are in 2014 and I am blogging up a storm and loving it! My musings might seem somewhat self-indulgent but I can assure you I am just as interested in what others have to say as I… read more

Breaking News

Back in the day I was a bonafide news junky. The TV was turned on at all times when I was at home and I was usually tuned into my local news channel. It was the industry I worked in and I was dead set on staying on top of it. (In my opinion there… read more

August: Links I Love

Here are some of my favorite links from around the web this month. Click the bolded word to be redirected to the links! Best summer pics ever! Wise words from deep thinkers… This ain’t no five minute make-up but she sure does look good after it’s said and done! Love this love story. This is… read more

Slogans that Actually Make Sense

Here’s a little levity for this rainy summer day. These fake slogans created by Honest Slogans are hysterical and so true…

Bump Watch

Feeling: I must admit I am one of those women who absolutely adores being pregnant. Every single moment of this process feels like a complete miracle to me. My hand is never far from my belly because I don’t want to miss even a single kick. A smile often creeps across my face when I… read more

Technology: Kiddie Apps

With end of summer road trips on the horizon we’ve been thinking about how to entertain the girls while we’re in the car. For long drives we always opt for a balance of books, crafts, and a little technology thrown in too. Technology sometimes consists of a movie on the travel dvd player but more… read more