Are you enough?

It might have gone unnoticed in the Arm Swag post – but sometimes the things we wear say a little something about who we are. The beaded bracelet I wore in the photo above was made a few years ago. It says “I Am Enough”. I made it as a reminder that me, on my… read more

A Tireless Effort

Doesn’t it feel good when someone thanks you. Looks you in the eye and really says “Thank you.” I think there is great value in letting someone know they are appreciated. I know it makes me work even harder when I think gratitude might be lurking on the other side of my endeavor. So here’s… read more

With all this rain…

With all this rain – one needs a little inspiration. If this terrible wet weather persists I fear we may end up with a lake in our front yard and a river in our back. The gray skies make me pensive. I crave cozy moments, snuggled up at home, thinking about the change that has… read more

Wave Hello, Say Goodbye…

The Minis on Sophie’s Last Day of School I have a feeling in my heart. It’s good and bad – bitter and sweet. There’s a clamp around it that tightens as I type – trying to hold back tears. My bigger mini graduated from nursery school today. I know, I know – it sounds like… read more

Ice Cold Beer Here!

It’s almost summer and you know what that means BBQ season! Yee-haw! In my opinion there is nothing quite as tasty as a grilled burger, corn-on-the-cob, and an ice cold beer on a Sunday evening. Beer has gotten pretty fancy over the last few years and I now frequently find myself perusing the ice-cold aisle at the grocery store not knowing what… read more


On this Memorial Day… I honor those who gave their lives serving our country. My father served two tours in Vietnam. My grandfather fought in the battle of Iwo Jima. I am in awe of their bravery. They were boys when they went away to war – men when they returned. They saw and did… read more

How do I get there from here?

Well, so, here I am. Almost 5 months since I sent out the very first post for The Sentimentalist and I humbly come knocking on your door with a confession. I lost track of my promises. When I started this blog I promised I would be working on a few things this year and then… read more


Instagram makes me happy. So does Jamaica, spring flowers, beer, little ponytails, window washing, wigs, Toms… Something about this sign at the Blues Jean Bar reminded me of college… Who knew that weeds could be so lovely? Even my feet were happy in Jamaica. Toms – good brand, good style, good work. Jamaica In Full… read more

A Mother’s Grace

I usually don’t blog on the weekend but on this Mother’s Day I choose to share. Because yes, it does matter. I wasn’t sure how to sum up what I aim to do on this blog. Then one day – in the midst of life’s chaos and noise – it came to me.  “Share. It matters.” Did… read more

Your Parenting Mantra

If you have talked to me recently you know I am blog obsessed. This technology thing is very addictive… I spend countless hours scouring sites looking for inspiration. It’s time consuming but there is a big upside. There are some seriously smart and talented people on the internet. Real people. Living real lives. Sharing good… read more