Five Friday Favorites from My Father-in-Law’s Car

Here’s how it all began… John and I found ourselves driving in Opa’s car (Opa is John’s dad) a few weeks back after a day of skiing. I glanced in the side pocket of the door and found this funny, pointy, odd-looking object (see photo below). Here is the conversation that followed: Lindley: “What the… read more

We are.

Spend your time wisely. Make sure that what you do makes you happy. It matters.  

Inspiration in unexpected places…

Last week Bromley Mountain in Vermont got 23 inches of powder – in March! That is one heck of a spring dumping. We skied our tails off this weekend. The minis were total troopers and we finished the season on a great note. Skiing is by far one of my favorite activities, and it’s a… read more

Why don’t you…


Laugh. It’s Monday.

It’s Monday. Let’s get this week started on the right note. You are never ever too old to laugh. Out loud. It will always make you feel better. (Click on the video title if your browser doesn’t let you watch from my site.) I am sick. I love watching people get scared… How is this… read more

True Grit

Janne Kouri goes to the gym and works hard. Almost every day he is there giving it his all. The finish line seems far away but he is prepared to fight his way there, crawling if necessary. This guy will not give up. What’s on the line for him is much more serious than what… read more

Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news!

For me with doctors it is all about the bedside manner. There are a lot of smart, educated, and accredited individuals out there. If I choose you as my physician you have to bring more to the table than that. I think doctoring is about healing and healing is about not only fixing problems but… read more


I had every intention of blogging tonight – then margaritas with friends got in the way. Margaritas are yummy. Have a great weekend and see you Monday!  


Instagram, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Never thought I’d get an SUV. Never thought I’d love it so much. Cutest Skier Ever A fun way to hang necklaces inside the closet! My Current Love – the Givenchy¬†Nightingale One Very Proud Little Gymnast Fog Settling on Bromley Mountain Herm√®s, Anthropologie, and… read more


There was a time in my life when solitude meant loneliness. Now it means an opportunity to reflect. I reflect on things I have said, what I have spent my time doing, and what I want to spend my time doing in the days ahead. I hope today you too will enjoy silence and reflect…. read more