Great Movie: Spy

Spy on The Sent

It’s the holidays people. Sadly that can mean some serious stress. The gifting, the cooking, the travel, the mess… I find that a good laugh is often the best remedy for all the mayhem and emotions that boil to the surface between Thanksgiving and Christmas. After a friend recommended my husband and I watch Spy, we found it on Netflix. As we settled down to watch I was skeptical at best. Boy was I wrong. I should have known that with Melissa McCarthy playing the lead it would be funny. (Need I remind you of her epic role in Bridesmaids???) Fifteen minutes into the movie we were both belly laughing out loud. McCarthy just nails it and Jude Law as her sidekick? Yum. Rose Byrne as a dark humored villain was excellent as well. Laughter is so darn good for you. It was two hours well spent.

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