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You asked for it – so I am delivering. Every year I have at least a handful of readers who ask me where they can go to cut down their own Christmas tree. This past weekend we headed to the Jones Family Farms to chop down a beautiful Douglas Fir. It’s an understatement to say that my entire family is Christmas obsessed, so this farm in Shelton, Connecticut is our version of Disneyland. The trees are beautiful and last so much longer than a traditional tree that you pick up at a nursery or tree stand. Last year our tree was up by December first (watered almost daily) and didn’t lose even a needle before Christmas. Cutting them down fresh means the tree gets water right away opposed to a tree bought from a vendor who may have had their trees chopped down weeks before and delivered from a far-off location.

The Jones Family Farm is about a 45 minute drive from Greenwich without traffic.┬áIf you are there on a day when the weather is good you can spend hours walking the 400 plus acres, picking just the right type and size tree for your home. We also love to visit the shops and canteen after we find our tree. The ornaments are precious and the hot apple cider is delicious. One thing to note – it’s cash only. They charge one flat price for any tree on the lot so if you are getting a large tree it’s pretty cost effective. They have the saws for you to borrow at multiple locations on their property and there are plenty of employees walking the premises to offer advice and help getting your tree to the car. (No chainsaws allowed!) Bringing a tarp is a good idea if you have kids with you. That way you can drag the tree on the ground and still have a free hand to help the kids navigate the terrain. I came home with 60 feet of garland and two beautiful wreaths as well. Get on up there to Shelton. It’s guaranteed to make even the grinchiest among us feel the holiday spirit!


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