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When I was young I slapped on whatever face cream I grabbed from a shelf at the local pharmacy (price played a large role in my selection). My go-to shampoo and conditioner was made by Suave. Remember that one that had such a distinctive smell? I was young and naive then but now I know how important it is for us to take care of our skin and hair. I care more about the products I use and how they are made. I’m more often drawn to foods, make-up, and skincare/haircare products that heal opposed to harm.

Earlier this year my good friend Mimi Moulton introduced me to a brand that is boldly making it’s entrance into the world of cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. Welcome Beautycounter. They feel we are too often pushed unhealthy ingredients and chemicals by the brands that sell us creams, soaps, make-up, and hair products. They want to change all that. Their mission is simple: to get safe products into the hands of everyone. They use ingredients like coconut oil, rose petals, and orange peel. Things you recognize and can pronounce. They promise no harmful chemicals, ever. I like that. AND their product feels and smells really good too.

To buy products click here. They’ve got a pretty kick ass blog too. Check it out. You’ll learn something. I promise.

DSC_0104Here’s all the things they don’t put into their products.

DSC_0041If you have been afraid of face oil in the past I want you to get over it right now. Your skin will soak this stuff up immediately. And it will thank you afterwards.

DSC_0042The packaging is beautiful as well. Sleek and simple. No unneeded bells or whistles.

DSC_0044I much prefer this bottle that uses a pump versus shaking or squeezing cream out of a bottle or tube.

DSC_0046This is my favorite product so far. Smells citrusy and crisp and feels very luxurious and moisturizing as well. Cleanser matters more than you think.


DSC_0112The Body Oil is Mimi’s favorite product.

DSC_0105Lip Sheers are scented with pure vanilla – plain and simple. No perfumes here!



DSC_0107Kids Counter!?! Such a cute name for their junior brand.

DSC_0111I’ve tried a handful of organic brands that make shampoo and conditioner for children. The reason I never made the switch was because they all left the girls’ hair feeling dry and tangled. This stuff smells like candy and is super moisturizing. Leaves their hair silky smooth.


DSC_0115And with spring break just around the corner I can’t wait to give their sunscreen a try. It goes on smooth and un-goopy. Always a plus for my little ladies.




  1. I’m a huge Beauty Counter fan!! Love their stuff. xox

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