Summer Special: Favorite Sunscreen

La Roche-Posay on The Sent

I often get asked what sunscreen I prefer for myself and the kids. I found this La Roche-Posay sunscreen at CVS and it was buy one, get the second half off. It rubs on smoothly, doesn’t turn your skin white (a major pet-peeve of mine is looking like a ghost once I’ve added my spf), and so far seems to be keeping my skin from getting much color. This sunscreen is 60 spf – I rarely wear less than 30. I brought one tubeĀ of this sunscreen on our recent trip to Italy. It was scorching hot and we spent much of our time on the beach or in a boat. I applied twice a day and didn’t get even a slight burn all week.

In other news we were using Babyganics sunscreen on the kids the first week of summer. Sadly both girls got a sunburn while wearing it and my 7-year-old broke out in a funny rash. Since then we have moved back to good old fashioned Coppertone Water Babies and it seems to be doing the trick.

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  1. You should look into mineral based sunscreens for you and the kids. I have been loving kiss my face cool sport air powered spray and ThinkSport. Both have no chemicals so you feel better about what you are putting on the kids skin.

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