Master Bath Redo


In our new home we have a decade worth of work to do. Redoing our master bathroom wasn’t in the 2 year plan, but when we sprung a leak that was threatening to ruin our living room we had to act fast. You can see from the photos that the before and after are night and day different. We did a combo of a Carrara basketweave and herringbone tiles on the floor and went with straight Statuary marble on all walls and inside the shower. We wanted it to feel fresh and clean. It’s mostly white with all polished nickel finishes. At the end I’ve included some of the “before” shots. We’ve clearly come a long way!

IMG_2974 IMG_2983 IMG_2981 IMG_2973
IMG_2967 IMG_2962 IMG_2960 IMG_2959 IMG_2958 IMG_2956 IMG_2952
IMG_2948 IMG_2947 IMG_2946 IMG_2943 IMG_2942

bath1 bath5 bath4 bath3 bath2


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  1. Cousin London says:

    Shower for only 1?

  2. SUPER !!

  3. GORGE!!!

  4. Kingsley rooney says:

    I love your bath tub!!!

  5. April Shen says:

    Stunning! Congratulations! All your hard work paid off.

  6. Xandy Duffy says:

    Looks amazing !!

  7. Beautiful! A sanctuary.

  8. Amanda Wilson says:

    Gorgeous! Love the floor, esp!

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