Great Read: Euphoria


This book was a Christmas gift from a friend – I’ve said it before but books are on my top 3 when it comes to gift receiving. It’s a quick read and utterly transports you to a different time and place. Taking place mostly in New Guinea in the early 1900s, Euphoria by Lily King is equal measures interesting and educational. In it the author delves deeply into three complex characters (all anthropologists) who are wildly different but also intimately connected. Loosely based on the life of sensational anthropologist Margaret Mead, this book is chock full of fascinating details about what it was like to come from a developed culture and live amongst savages while studying their way of life. I didn’t walk away from the book wishing I had been an anthropologist but I did finish it and immediately get to searching for a biography about Mead. Her life and personality (loosely recreated in the character of Nell Stone) had me utterly fascinated.

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