PSA: Snow!


We interrupt our regular programming to bring you a public service announcement about snow removal! Here in the Northeast we were hit with another lovely storm. 3-4 inches so far and it’s still trickling down… My mother-in-law (the greenest thumb I know!) is snowed in at our place and this morning we were discussing how to care for Boxwood during the winter. Many people in our neighborhood wrap them in burlap or tie them with string. She was telling me that wrapping them can sometimes dry them out as they need plenty of moisture even in the winter. We didn’t wrap ours so I have been “dusting” them off after every big snow. She approves! You can use a windshield scraper/brush to do the job but I prefer to just throw on my gloves and give them a swishing with my hands. As you can see from the beforeĀ and afters – it really brings their shape back to normal. Heavy snow can crack their limbs. Be kind to Mother Nature. And enjoy the snow local friends!



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  1. Kathy Altomaro says:

    Thanks for the tip! I hope that your mother-in-law is doing ok…. she is blessed to have you as a daughter -in -law! Love the pix of the kids that you post?

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