Best Hairbrush

It’s been a long time since I have done a hair post. It’s hard to imagine that this somewhat sad looking hair post was the second one I ever put up on the blog just over three years ago. I’d like to think we have come a long way since then both visually and verbally…. read more

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Her

I’m feeling a little behind over here on the Christmas front. With just 8 days to go until the big day I am busy scouring the internet for something special for each person on my list. We are hug fans of stockings in our home and that’s often where I receive my favorite gifts. The… read more

Great Product: Color Wow

  During the summer “Mommy Maintenance” hits an all-time low. With camp, and swimming, and crafting, and chilling there just isn’t time to highlight, paint nails, or blow dry much. Thank God for products like Color Wow that help to hide the lack of effort. A friend recently introduced me to this line and I… read more

Hair: Flower Crown

Last weekend my husband and I attended a South Pacific themed event for Family Centers, a wonderful non-profit here in our town. I planned on wearing a simple dress and wanted to use flowers or jewelry to make my outfit feel more festive. With the theme being Bali Ha’i I had my heart set on a floral crown…. read more

Beauty: Just Browsing

Over the last year I have been doing a major face project – reconstructing my brows. It all started with a vision. Much like the perfectly shaped brow below I wanted sleek brows with just the right amount of arch and a touch of edgy tossed in. I’d say I am 85 percent there.As they grow… read more

Jewelry Crush: Pearl Studs

I started swooning over the Christian Dior “Mise en Dior” double-sided pearl earrings (seen above) when they hit the market last year but couldn’t decide if they were worth the price tag. Then I realized for a smidgen of the price I could get a pair just like them to try for a while and test the… read more

Back to School: 4 Easy Hairdos for Girls

For those of you with sons be grateful that a quick brush of the hair is all you need to do to get your kids looking in-line and ready for school. For parent’s of daughters the whole “What to do with that mess of hair every day?” question can be a bit more daunting. I… read more

Beauty: Summer Hairdo

After this post about Five Minute Make-Up I got a few inquiries about the double braid hairdo I am sporting in the photos. I promise it is easier than it looks! I actually choose this hairdo when I am pressed for time and can’t pull off a full wash and blow dry. This hairdo works… read more

Beauty: 5-Minute Make-Up

I like to think of myself as a pretty natural person. Some days (especially weekend mornings when we walk to town for coffee and bagels) I go make-up free. But during the week and when I go out at night I like to add a little “shine” to brighten my face and make the tired… read more

Red, White, and Blue…

With the 4th of July just a few days away I couldn’t help but share a little red, white, and blue inspiration. I know my gang is already on pins and needles waiting to see the fireworks later this week. It’s our favorite night of the year. Fingers crossed we’ll have sunshine and clear skies… read more