DIY: Pom Pom Bag


It had been a while since I was crafty over here on the blog so I decided to transform an old basket bag that my family carted back from Mexico some time in the 90s by adding some colorful pom poms. To those, who like me have a hankering for hordingĀ – I am proud to say this bag was at my moms home in New Canaan, CT for a decade, made it’s way to her home in Greenwich for another ten years, and then I claimed it before it was shipped off to Goodwill when I moved out here 6 years ago. Time and time again I am reminded that all things come back in style! It hung limply in our new mudroom up until last week when I was inspired to bring it back to life. I have a feeling it will be the perfect beach bag this summer. I love a woven basket for sunscreen and towels because any sand that’s dropped in by little hands looking for things in my bag will easily fall right through the bottom and won’t be carted home with me in my car. If you have a bag that’s need a little pep, grab a pair of scissors and some fun colored yarn and you are all set for this DIY!

How to:
  1. Wrap yarn evenly around four fingers 60-100 times. (For smaller pom poms, wrap yarn around two fingers.)
  2. Use a 1 foot long piece of yarn and tie it around the center of the yarn loops once removed from your fingers. (Be sure to leave one end much longer as that will be the end you use to secure the pom pom to the bag handle.)
  3. Slip scissors inside the loops on each side of the center section and cut loops to create fringe.
  4. Use fingers to gently fluff the pom pom and then tie long end of center piece to the handle of your bag.










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  1. Hmmm Why did I give that cute bag away???

  2. Thanks for Sharing our information for Pom Pom Bag. Its really too good. Keep it up.

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