Our Favorite Face Paint

‘Tis the season! If face painting is in your future this Halloween season, it’s not too late to order and use this face paint by Go Green. I found it 4 years ago and keep it in my office. As a mother of three I have been shocked by how often I have needed face… read more

DIY: Pom Pom Bag

It had been a while since I was crafty over here on the blog so I decided to transform an old basket bag that my family carted back from Mexico some time in the 90s by adding some colorful pom poms. To those, who like me have a hankering for hordingĀ – I am proud to… read more

For the Love of Trees

I’m having a real tree moment. For 6 years we lived on a small piece of property with not one tree on it. A large rhododendron was the extent of our arboreal existence. Since moving to a bigger piece of land with many huge trees on the property I have been completely inspired by them…. read more

Best Books: Scratch and Sketch Books

We have been getting very craftsy over at our place. Both my girls just spent a week at “art camp” with one of their favorite teachers and they have been completely inspired ever since. They especially love when I draw or paint things that they then try to replicate. We’ve also recently had a lot… read more