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Before you start rolling your eyes – give me a minute to state my case. Birkenstocks, while previously thought of as nothing more than wooly socks wearing crunchy hippie sporting footwear, are making quite the resurgence because they are the MOST comfortable shoes in the universe. I mean it. And they just slide on so darn easily… I’m thinking a pair in white leather may be my daywear shoe of choice for this summer. Full disclosure – I already bought a pair and they are sitting in the dining room in their box as I seek approval before making the move and wearing them out in public. (Darn Zappos makes it so easy to order shoes on a whim knowing you can return them unworn, free of charge, at any point.) What do you all think? I need your validation so that when John has a heart attack the first time he sees them on my feet I have some ammunition to defend myself. Would you or wouldn’t you? Comment below!



  1. I loved the shoe then and am loving it now. Great look! I’m thinking moccasins may also be coming around again.

  2. I will if you do…

  3. Have them. Love them. Can’t wait to see how you rock them!

  4. Omg!! Lol!! I bought the same shoes as soon as I saw them!! Shiro is not a fan but I’m in love:)
    Hope our birks cross paths be day soon-

  5. Go for it! Love the white. At 7months pregnant and chasing a 17month old around, I too am looking for some comfortable summer shoes!

  6. I have 7 pairs of Birkenstocks because I have difficult feet. Now that they’re making a comeback, I can wear them proudly! 😀

    I never would’ve considered the white sandals before I saw this post. I’m sure they’ll get dirty really fast, but they look so darn cute with light jeans. Hmmmm…

    PS – If you’ve never tried Birkenstocks and you can get the ones you want with the soft footbed, I highly recommend going that route (no break-in period).

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