Great Buys: Sleepwear

A few months back I was in a bind. I had an early morning meeting and the kids were off school. I ended up dropping my kids at a friend’s house at the crack of dawn. (Thank God for good friends time and time again. 9 years into parenthood I know now more than ever that female friends are the glue that hold our ships together on this journey.) When I arrived at her front door, with three unkempt kiddos in tow – I was greeted by a goddess-like beauty in a simple silk negligee and a big cozy cardigan. I thought, “Hot damn! I need to step up my pj game.”

I’ve never been one to invest in nice pajamas, to my husband (and neighbors’) chagrin, because I could never justify spending a lot of money on the part of my wardrobe that very few people saw. I do get the mail in my pajamas on weekends, and we do live on a well travelled road, but alas even this couldn’t push me to get good sleep gear. But my friend’s ensemble reminded me that we do actually spend almost half of each day in our pajamas. And who knows – maybe I’ll actually sleep better knowing that I too look like a goddess of the night. Here are some of my favorite finds from my most recent search.

{Eberjey Pajama Set, JCrew Vintage Pajama Set, Ugg Fleece Robe, TopShop Knit Pajamas, Eileen West Cotton Nightgown, JuliannaRae Silk Slip, Relax Embroidered Slipper, Minnetonka Slipper}

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