Puff Puff Ah!

I dig Patagonia.

(No, not that Patagonia!)

This Patagonia!

(Patagonia Women’s Down Sweater $200)

Good brand, good mission, good return policy, and good quality gear. The thing is that sometimes you want that Patagonia look, but don’t quite feel ready to spend Patagonia dollars. After all Patagonia produces SERIOUS inclimate weather apparel. Let’s face it, our winters just aren’t THAT bad. The fix? Uniqlo’s sinfully cute and affordable puffers.

(Premium Down Ultra Light Parka $69.90)

The Backstory: A few weeks ago one of my chicest and best-dressed friends came to the gym wearing a super cute, slightly shiny, black puffer coat. Just the right length (covered most of the tush but wasn’t too long for exercise) and it had a hood. I love me a good hood when the wind is whipping things around outside or when I have dirty hair and am attempting to hide it from others. I digress – back to my stylish friend in that coat. I assumed it was something fancy and when I inquired she coyly said, “You won’t even believe where I got it!” When she revealed her source I oohed and ahhhed, and quickly got myself to Uniqlo to do some shopping! My mom got one for Christmas. I got one for every day – $69.90 people. They are so much warmer than you think they are going to be and the kicker? They curl up into a baseball-sized ball and come with a snazzy little carrying bag. Other cool thing? They make them for men and minis too. Matching family clothes – love!

(For the mini)

(For the man)

If you don’t know Uniqlo, you should. It’s a really rad brand. I describe them as H&M’s cooler, sleeker, less-known Japanese cousin. I’ll warn you – these coats are selling out fast so head to one of their stores or hit their website.  Be warned, there aren’t too many left… Happy shopping!


  1. love a puffer jacket over a buttoned up denim jkt for an extra layer and an added cool factor! Great post!

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