Can you hear me like I hear you?

This is what matters to me:

And this:

And this guy too:

It’s been a long few months for many, but I think the energy is shifting. From Hurricane Sandy to the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook, we have all been changed. That being said, I feel the dark clouds are lifting. In the last 48 hours I ¬†got two really good health reports from friends who were facing very intense prognosis. Let’s all say a little prayer, cross our fingers, and hope that good news floods in during 2013. For everyone.

This morning I dropped Emma off at school. She bounded out of the car and as her teeny tiny blond ponytail swayed from side to side I yelled out through the open passenger window, “Hey Em. I love you.” She stopped, turned back, smirked at me, and said, “I love you too Mommy.” I was looking into her eyes when she said it and I heard her. I really heard her. And the eye contact meant that she knew I heard her.

This weekend tell someone you love them and really listen when they say it back. It’ll make your eyes well up with tears and your heart will feel full.

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