Spring Break

Travel Outfit

{1.Madewell Openview Tunic 2.Calypso Scarf 3.AG Stilt Jeans 4. Steven Alan Odette NY Bracelet 5.Giraffe Walk Shoe 6.L.L. Bean Hunter’s Tote 7.Madewell Outbound Jacket 8.Nikon D5100 9.Larabar 10.The Week Magazine, The FlamethrowersVogue}

As a child my family travelled once a year. It was the highlight of our spring. We decked ourselves out in our “Sunday Best” since my mom believed those at both broadway shows and airports deserved to see us in our finest. I vividly recall my younger brothers wearing miniature blue blazers – gold buttons and all – on every flight. It’s a tradition I have held onto to this day. I always try and look “pulled together” when I am en route. The outfit above is my ideal. Layers are key since airports are usually heavily air-conditioned. Healthy snacks are also a good idea (no Auntie Anne’s buttery pretzels for this girls). And magazines are included for the inevitable “airport delay”. I remain true to my camera geek ways – even on the airplane. There is almost never a trip when I don’t catch that “We’re off!” picture of all of us buckled into our seats for the scrapbook.

And below for your viewing pleasure I have included my packing pics. I fancy myself to be a pretty efficient traveller. It’s all about organization and packing outfits instead of pieces. Bon voyage!

DSC_0169The Line Up

DSC_0161The Suits

DSC_0162For Evenings Out and In

DSC_0163Pour Les Pieds

DSC_0167Costume Jewels

DSC_0168Always Outfits, Never Piles of Tops and Bottoms

DSC_0172Matchy Matchy

DSC_0173Perfect Prints

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