For The Kids: Bathtime Fun


Floating Octopus – This one floats and has multiple pieces so my 1-year-old has loved playing with it recently. He takes the rings off, puts them back on, and takes the rings off, and… Well you know how it goes.

Skip Hop Pouring Ducks – I used to always wish I had a plastic cup in the bathroom to rinse my kids hair. Then I finally ponied up and bought a useful fix. My youngest hates getting water in his eyes so we do three quick pours with the duck and the shampoo is out. Pour water – tears follow.

Color Bath Dropz – My 5 and 7 year old daughters still far prefer a bath to a shower. I think baths are just more relaxing. These color tablets dissolve slowly and turn the bath water a lovely shade of red, blue or yellow. Mixing two tablets is fun too. It helps the girls to understand how colors like purple are created when they use one red and one blue tablet.

Bath Squirties – These soft plastic animals are soft and even my 1-year-old can fill them with water and squeeze them to make them squirt. I find we always forget to squirt the water out of them at the end of the bath so they can get kind of gross inside pretty quickly. We use two at a time and then dispose of them after a month and grab two more.

Bath Crayons – LOVE these. The crayons are actually made of soap so they wash right off the body and the sides of the tub at the end of bathtime. My girls love to draw so these have been a favorite all year. They keep them distracted while I bath and dry the baby too!

SoapSox Bath Turtle – My husband and I first discovered these when the brand was featured on the TV show Shark Tank. It is a great idea. You put the soap inside the body of the animal and use it to give kids a good scrub down. Much more fun than a plain old washcloth. The material is machine washable so you throw it in the wash once a week and it feels fresh and clean again.

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