Follow Up: The Dog Tags


This is an update for those who read my original post here¬†about the man who bought my father’s dog tag off a local in Vietnam and then tracked my dad down from across the ocean to let him know he had it. Many have asked what happened after Charles contacted my dad. This week he and my father will meet face to face. He will officially be delivering the missing dog tag to my father on Fox & Friends Thursday morning (March 3rd) just after 6am. Tune in if you are awake and record it if you would like to watch at a more civilized hour. I will be there and cannot wait to thank Charles in person for this incredibly kind and thoughtful thing he has done. I have a sense it will be a very emotional moment for my dad. I’m grateful that Fox is covering this inspirational story.

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  1. sophie pm says:

    What an amazing and inspiring story… Thank you for sharing

  2. kris dupuy says:

    Can’t wait, thanks for the head’s up.

  3. Isn’t this quite an amazing story? I hope there will be pictures.

  4. Sarah Davis says:

    This story is beyond belief! So happy that the two men will meet at last!!

  5. So enjoyed the Fox and Friends segment yesterday with your Dad and Charles-reached out on many levels. Again it is an amazing story.

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