Nifty Knickknacks

Stop the presses! These precious plates are just too good not to share. I can think of at least ten times in the last 3 months I could have used this little plate with the cup holder.

Can you imagine if they offered these up at every cocktail party? I’ve got to believe that many of you can relate to my excitement. You know that awkward balancing act one is required to perform when attempting to eat and drink while standing. You have the plate in one hand, the wine glass in the crook of your arm, and then you awkwardly pop bites of food into your mouth while pretending to maintain a civilized conversation. Or perhaps you have tried the “balance your wine glass on the plate” trick? That can end badly. Really badly. Especially with red wine.

Well, now you have the answer to all your cocktailing needs.

Speaking of fabulous knickknacks. The plate comes from a fantastic little spot called Tangerine. They are right off the Post Road in Greenwich near Treads and Threads.

Everything in the store is for sale.

Fun napkins can turn a set table from Ol’ lady to Oh yes you did!

Deliver Dessert in Style

Outdoors + Plastic = Very Little Room for Error

Paper Place Mats

Cute and so easy to clean up when your guests leave late in the evening. Tear and toss!

Who doesn’t love a monogram? And an unbreakable one? Priceless!

Such a cute way to cork off an open bottle.

You know how I feel about a Corkcicle from this post here.

And the jewels… Great gifts.



For the Foodie

I need.

I want.

Something for Summa’.

Great gifts to stock the closet for those moments when you realize you need a hostess gift.


Perfect for toiletries and make-up!

Ideal for a neutral sofa.

Beads that say something.

Fun Baubles

Trés Cute

For the Wee Ones

Truly Unique

Perfect for a buffet! Just a little chicer than the usual pyrex…

Grab it and go!

Oh, and the Greenwich Sidewalk Sales start Thursday, July 11th. Head on in to Tangerine where EVERYTHING will be 25% off. Great gifts. For you. For your friends. For your home. And don’t forget those plates…

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