Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading1. This is one heck of an essay written by a stay-at-home mom who clearly looks back and wonders what might have been? (huffingtonpost.com)

2. And then this letter and the response that was written 52 years later presents quite a different argument. (exp.lore.com & washingtonpost.com)

3. And then there was this… Who could ever call ambition a bad thing? (elle.com)

4. With all this humidity – what’s a curly haired girl to do? I’ll tell you what. Try this Fishtail Braid. (intothegloss.com)

5. Are you a domestic diva? Don’t fear the dreaded fitted sheet. You too can master this task. (designmom.com)

6. Perhaps you have a little time on your hands for a DIY project? This one is too darn cute not to try soon. (songofstyle.com)

7. This Mama knows about drama. I just love the way she writes with humor and bold honesty. This post speaks my truth. (putdowntheurinalcake.com)

8. Fancy a picnic? Never seen a more useful sack than this one… (shop.yielddesign.com)

9. Summer ain’t over yet so get hiking! This list of “Best US Coastal Hikes” leaves me breathless. I’ve been hiking in Bar Harbor, Maine and it is magical.

Happy weekend. Take some time to read, rest, relax, and enjoy!


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