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Before owning our home I never ever ever walked into home decor shops. It just wasn’t my jam. In fact the Antiques Centers in Stamford literally made me break out in hives. I’m not kidding when I say I once had a panic attack in Lillian August. You get the gist. And then we bought our home, which needed a full facelift on the decor front, and I started easing my way into interior design hot spots. Fast forward 1 year and I am obsessed with milling around anywhere and everywhere that sells things for the home. One of my new favorite places in Greenwich is Trovare Home, owned by Pamela Frisoli. Frisoli is an interior designer and has an exceptional eye when it comes to home decor. I am not exaggerating when I say I would buy almost every item she has on display in her store. From pillows to poufs, from chairs to tchochkes¬†– it is all gorgeous. Get on in and check it out!

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  1. I love Trovare and I love Pam F! Her store is my favorite! I just don’t get in there enough!

  2. Cathy Curley says:

    One of my fav shops!

  3. Francesca Elena says:

    Trovare is by far my fave home decor store to go into. Everything is curated perfectly and so many amazing and unique finds! Don’t see anything like it anywhere else!

  4. Trovare Home is such a find! Love the items Pamela finds and how she merchandises her store.
    Just want everything in there. She also has a wonderful eye for mixing in vintage pieces.
    Nothing like this store!

  5. My sister is incredibly talented. I promote her business to my customers every chance I get.

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