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DART on The Sent

Hey y’all! I thought you might like to know Martina McBride is coming to town. On November 11th McBride will be performing in Stamford at a charity event that will raise money for the non-profit DART (Dana’s Angels Research Trust). DART is a Greenwich-based non-profit focused on Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) a rare, fatal disease that affects children. It was founded by Andrea and Phil Marella because two of their four children were diagnosed with the illness. NPC has been called Children’s Alzheimer’s because of the similarities between the two brutal conditions, including dementia and the loss of hearing, vision, and the ability to walk. NPC has also been in the news recently because of a connection to Ebola, highlighting the benefits of studying this rare disease. The disease is currently incurable and most children don’t live out their teen years. Sadly their daughter Dana lost her battle with NPC in 2013, just days before her 20th birthday. And their son Andrew, who turned 17 years old on June 3rd, continues to fight, even with the onset of seizures. Let’s help them beat this disease!

DART on The Sent

Andrew, Andrew and Phil Marella

You can buy tickets here. And even if you can’t go to the concert I hope you will consider donating so we can help these families find a cure for this horrific disease.

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  1. Rebecca Spencer White says:

    Thank you with all my heart . My 10 year old son Johnathan has NPC and we along with a mom with two girls in heaven do to NPC are flying a cross the country from California to see Martuna. Thank you everyone for helping save my baby life. There are know word to express our gratitude.

  2. Rebecca Spencer White says:

    Martina sorry auto correct

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