We are on our way… Off to Mexico for a long overdue kid-free weekend. Tomorrow we head to Riviera Maya to celebrate a friend’s 40th. There is something so sweet about honoring and celebrating female friends as they head into what I feel is an incredible decade. Long gone are the days of our tumultuous questioning 20s. The 30s are passed in a hazy blur of sleepless nights and new-parent exhaustion. The 40s seem like a time to reflect, appreciate, and simplify – spend time doing what you want with the people you want.

I can’t wait to lather myself up in sunscreen and absorb the warm sun. I can taste the salted rim and tart freshly squeezed lime juice of my first margarita. I will bob in the ocean and look up at the bright sun – wondering what my little ones are doing at home. I hope to come back refreshed but slightly groggy from long lunches with new friends and late nights having that one extra drink at the bar with my husband. That is when we allow ourselves to be silly and care-free. It’s a very necessary part of being married. The silly part and the travel, just the two of us. Bags are packed and I’m off to bed…

Books, Passports, Purse – Check!

As previously noted – at least one bathing suit per day.

Kid-Free Nighty and Extra Protection

The Layout

A Balanced Collection

The Airport Outfit (including lucky charms)

A little bag of “my favorite things” for the birthday girl – hoping the concierge can sneak it into her room. (Sugar Lip Balm with SPFCaudelie Beauty ElixirStrawberry TridentSephora Face Wipes To-Go, and Voluspa Travel Candle in Coconut)

The Happy Helper

Have a great weekend and let me know if you would like me to bring you back a sombrero. ¡Hasta pronto!

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