Laugh. It’s Monday.

It’s Monday. Let’s get this week started on the right note. You are never ever too old to laugh. Out loud. It will always make you feel better.

(Click on the video title if your browser doesn’t let you watch from my site.)

I am sick. I love watching people get scared…

How is this not uncomfortable?

Blah Blah Blah

Why parents should be careful when texting to their children…

Peace Out

I think that woman in the back had one too many margaritas.

Is “dog speak” a love language? I think so.

Let’s not judge. This could have happened to any one of us.

And lastly – for those of you who love romantic comedies… Click HERE.

Photos: Ellen TV

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  1. Sorry if the videos don’t show up on your email!! Click thru to the browser and you should see them!!

    The Sentimentalist

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