January: Links I Love

January Links I Love on The Sentimentalist

First things first – these pics of fathers and their children will slay you. Heart. Exploding. Now.

HYSTERICAL stand up by Jim Gaffigan about having multiple kids. “I’ll annoy him from midnight to 2am, who wants 3-6? Then I’ll teach training on how to kick him all night long.” I die.

And taking it even further. These images are ridiculous. We’ve all been there…

The makeover is relatively simple but it completely changes the feel of this small bathroom.

You forgot you have to bring Valentine’s Day snacks to school tomorrow? Here you go! Easy, cute, and kinda healthy too.

I just about died watching this video of parents explaining the “birds and bees” to their kids.┬áThe “vangina”? Come on!

Why not make your own clutch? This site does the best DIY projects around!

Are you afraid to “like” someone before they like you? This article really resonated with me.

This ad. Very very true.

And last but not least. I had a baby and yup, I jiggle a little more than I used to. To my fellow jigglers out there… Get moving and be proud. #thisgirlcan


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