This One Is Worth It

Forget about the Superbowl ads. This one by Nikon takes the cake. When this gay black couple instagrammed a photo of them doing their daughters’ hair at 5:30am pre-school it immediately went viral. Sadly many people took to the “airways” with negative comments.┬áThere is no room in this world for such closed-mindedness. Kuddos to this couple for loving their kids and doing their best to create a loving home filled with joy. Right on.

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  1. Selina Strong says:

    a fabulous family – they are lovely and lucky to have come together.

  2. April Larken says:

    absolutely LOVE this! (of course)
    I agree that there is no room in this world for such close-mindedness and find it shocking that it still exists!

  3. marisa noel brown says:

    the best

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