November: Links I Love

November Links on The Sent

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web this past month. Enjoy!

A 32,000 year old plant? Very cool.

This NY Times article about raising successful children is a must read for all parents.

How delicious do these look???

In light of the massacres that recently occurred in Paris, this is a great article about how to discuss tragedy with children. (I’m grateful our school passed these along to us.)

This UK-based video about sexual consent is spot on. Just the right amount of clever and dead right on the facts about sexual consent.

Not every DIY project is difficult. Such a pretty vase idea.

* As always click on the bolded word in each sentence to be redirected to the link.

** As I approach the three year anniversary of this blog I am thinking hard about the content I create. I want it to be interesting and appealing to all my readers. In this “Links I Love” post I decided to choose 6 links instead of my usual 9. Please do let me know if you prefer that format. I have often felt that 9 links is a few too many. I know we all live busy lives. We often pop on the internet for a quick read and to gain some insights about current events or even just a little chuckle. I’m hoping that this new format will feel less time consuming. What do you think? Are six better than 9? Are you more likely to click through??? Let me know in the comment section below.


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  1. Selina Strong says:

    six is great!

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