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Ode to Coffee

Oh coffee, my coffee, how I do love thee.

With puffy eyes and mangled hair I come to you each day.

You, so quiet and serene, no arguing with you over what you want to wear to school.

“Put on your shoes!” I say to you never.

I walk away – leaving you watching me from afar.

I’m coming back for one more sip  – but wait – I first must toast this Eggo waffle.

I’m on my way, I promise, just let me slide the homework folder into a backpack first.

Now where have you gone?

The kitchen counter? Perhaps inside my closet on a shelf? Or was it on the front hood of the car as we scampered off to school?

No bother – you never judge when forgotten.

I found you once amongst the toys – it was nearly 4 pm.

Left un-sipped you passed the day away watching the puzzles collect dust.

And how peacefully you wait for me inside the old microwave.

I nuke you once, twice, three times a day.

And even if you find yourself lingering there until the next day you charge onward – making your way down the sink – creating space for the next days hot brewed mug.

And you – never a quitter – just keep coming back.

Oh coffee, my coffee, how I do love thee.


And as an added bonus I am thrilled to share that after taste-testing 6-8 types of coffee over the last year I have settled on one favorite brand. This Toms Roasting Co. coffee is fabulous. Carpe Diem is my favorite variety. It’s less bold than many others (that’s the way I like it) and when you buy a bag, Toms provides fresh water by way of wells to communities in need around the world. Your guaranteed to feel a little better about your morning cup of joe. Even if you only make it through half the cup before leaving it behind for the “morning grind”…


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  1. Warming up some hours-old coffee in your honor right now! Chapeau!

  2. I don’t even drink coffee but think this is a reason to start ???? Energy and tranquility…ahhh

  3. Selina Strong says:

    I can SO relate!

    Lovely ode to coffee.

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