Happy birthday to us!

Today is the day! The Sentimentalist is officially a year old. Thank you for following along. We are thrilled to have grown so quickly and we can’t wait for more exciting things to come. There will be recipes, collaborations, fashion, and philosophy. I’m only as good as the things that inspire me so please do keep the good ideas coming. Let us know what you want to be reading, the products you love, and the things that make you go hmmmmmm… Share your comments on the blog because what you have to say matters. I mean it. Thanks for joining The Sentimentalist on this magical journey. Here’s to another great year!

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  1. congrat lindley!! and keep the posts coming:) happy bday and happy new year!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A year ago u said you would write about things that matter, overpriced fashion, collaborations to promote retail companies exploring cheap child labor, and recipes, are not what matter or are sentimental… I think you need to explore the real world a little more not just your rich lifestyle, cause that’s not what matters to the average person. Think about it!

  3. Anonymous,

    You do realize this is a blog, not striving to be the world’s moral compass, right?


  4. Happy first anniversary to the blog and its author. It has gone by F A S T>>>>>> and
    YOu are amazing.

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