Cork it!

As the temperatures drop in New England John and I find ourselves spending many hours huddled around the fireplace drinking red wine and nibbling on cheese and crackers. It’s just what the doctor ordered during this dormant season of rest and recovery. Long nights with friends and lazy mornings with John and the girls…  I recently read a blog post that struck me as such a sentimental way to savor these sweet times. A cork jar is a pretty decoration but when you take note of what you were doing and the things you were celebrating (both big and small) that jar becomes a precious way to look back on a life well-lived. I like the idea of writing a word or two on each cork that remind you of what made the night so special.  From now on I’ll be savoring the memories just as much as the merlot…

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  1. And we shouldn’t discriminate against the bourbon bottle cork either! What a 2014 new year! The Sentimentalist can hang!!

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