Here’s to the best year yet!

This year you could…

1) Set goals that make you feel inspired.

2) Kiss someone like you mean it. Like it’s the very first time.

3) Consider starting a second career. You can. I promise. Start small and build up to the long term dream. Create space for growth. A desk, 30 minutes a day to read, make calls to network, or a weekly visit to the library.

4) Unplug for 24 hours. I might try to…

5) Buy something that makes you feel sexy. Even if everyone else says it is frivolous. Know in you heart that building confidence is not frivolous.

6) Read good books.

7) Entertain more. Gather your favorite people for good meals and lots of wine despite the fact that your dining room is “petite”. We all need to remember that size doesn’t matter. Packing people into a small space is much cozier than a big empty space dotted with bodies.

8) Take up horseback riding. I rarely feel more at peace than when I am with animals or in nature. I rode as a child and miss that connection with both.

9) More yoga. Always.

10) Camp out. My favorite date ever involved a tent, 2 bottles of red wine, s’mores, and Scrabble.

And there you have it. Resolutions. Made, broken, accomplished, and revisited. A new year is always an opportunity to change. To do it better. With more joy. I used to be overwhelmed by the necessity to change. I wondered when I would beĀ done – the perfect complete package. And then it clicked. Perfection is not the end goal. Evolution is. I have made my peace with the change. It is in the change that we get better. Here’s to a wonderful year of change!

It’s hard to believe that almost one year ago to the week I wrote this post. My heart fluttered as I hit “publish”. I wondered where this blog would take me. Would it resonate? Would I still be writing one year later? And here I am. Happier than I have ever been. Writing and sharing. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of you friends and readers. Thank you for reading and thank you for reaching out to tell me what the blog means to you. Thank you for supporting me.

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  1. Happy new year Lindley! Keep your blogs coming… love waking up to them:) You are an amazing woman! XO

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