It all started with a sausage…

Are there days, weeks, months, when you feel like the very hungry caterpillar? The cravings just don’t stop? I fancy myself to be a pretty healthy lady – but these days the wheels have come off the tracks! Summer is about hands coated in sticky gooey post-s’mores marshmallowy goodness. It feels appropriate to almost bathe yourself in barbecue sauce as the days get longer and the nights get warmer. And the alcohol? Let it flow…

4th of July weekend I ate a sausage, a brownie, 2 cookies, 3 cheeseburgers, 6 beers, 4 s’mores, and a handful of heavenly bars. I could barely sleep as I lay in bed coming down from my sugar high.

Last week I devoured a cup of cookie dough as I baked for birthdays and couldn’t resist a cupcake hand-baked by a friend. Rosé five nights out of seven was a nice added touch.

And then this past weekend in Cape Cod I really went hog wild. We had fried calamari, lobster rolls, candy-by-the-pound, and chips galore. I also indulged in two ice cream cones and a milkshake. Lactose intolerance? Forget about it. Sugar addiction? You betcha. It was glutenous. Very very glutenous. When you find yourself eating luke warm french fries off your child’s plate after you have finished your own entrée it might be time to call it quits and head home. I felt especially classy as John and I curled up in the luxurious sheets at Ocean Edge Resort – sipping wine ordered from room service and watching Pawn Stars. In fairness, while they were in the same room with us, the kids were asleep so there were no witnesses to our in-bed drinking until now…

This evening we threw in the towel. After the weekend we had, we figured a trip to Pepe’s Pizzeria in Fairfield was the perfect way to cap off our marathon of good eats. Keep in mind we had been in traffic coming home from Cape Cod for almost 3 hours prior to our arrival in Fairfield so we really had moved very little since lunch. We ordered a medium cheese pizza (“the classic”), a small white clam pizza (don’t ask), and a medium “summer special” (fresh mozz, fresh tomato, and fresh basil on crust). And then John came back to the table and said he really didn’t want the “white clam” and that he’d been hankering for sausage. One does not risk being labeled an insensitive wife in a moment such a this one – so I went ahead and ordered a FOURTH pizza. Did I mention it was just me, John, and the girls eating dinner together?!? And then when all the leftovers didn’t fit into one large pizza box I forced myself to eat one last little slice instead of throwing it out. (That “can’t throw anything away” thing gets me every time, but don’t worry I did this only after John and the girls were on their way to the car. Otherwise it might have been embarassing. Thankfully I feel confident that no one in the restaurant recognized me as I walked out still chewing.) It’s a miracle we were able to buckle our seat-belts. And then Emma begged for ice cream. Yup. We said yes. And off we headed to Darlene’s Heavenly Desires in Old Greenwich. Heavenly desires satisfied? Check.

So now you see – we officially threw in the towel. Tomorrow is a new day. Can you say KALE for breakfast?

Have you gone off the deep end this summer? I am thinking a sugar-free cleanse is in my future. That and some serious “sweat it out” exercise… But then again – you only live once – so maybe diving off the deep end for a few weeks of the summer isn’t that bad. It’s been fun. Really really fun. And tasty too.


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images: Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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  1. Your honesty is refreshing. I am feeling stuffed after reading all about the hungry caterpillars.

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