Mother’s Day and Love


To all of you Mothers, Teachers, Surrogates, and Supporters – thank you for the work you do. Teaching, loving, and caring for others is the work that changes us most and matters more than anything and yet too often it is goes unnoticed and under-appreciated. I wonder, what would each day feel like if you knew you were respected and appreciated for the efforts you make on a daily basis? My most joy filled days are the ones when I assume the best. I assume I am appreciated. I assume that behind the scenes I have been validated. I know I am loved. I hope you chose optimism today, that you made those assumptions because chances are they are true.

As Mother’s Day draws to an end I couldn’t help but reflect on the things I felt today. Today, as a family, we focused on love and gratitude. In the absence of constant striving for perfection it is much easier to identify and seize love, joy, happiness, and contentment. I’m often the one who heads into a “Hallmark Holiday” with mile-high expectations. The perfect meal, the perfect gift, the perfect behavior… After 37 years I have finally learned that when I peel away the expectation that the day will be perfect – and rather find a way to embrace the inherent joy that comes with all the ups and downs of the ordinary and imperfect – it is then that I find real happiness for me and my family. Because let’s be honest, a picky perfection-seeking mama isn’t fun for anyone to be around. Today was a jumble of excitement, joy, laughter, tears, energy and fatigue. It was just perfect.



And in other news – don’t forget to head on over to Ashley Fine’s spectacular blog One Fine Day. She was so sweet to feature me this week in her “Need Read Greed” series. Just LOVE what she’s doing on her site…

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