Valentine’s Day: What Love Looks Like In Our Home

Last weekend while up in Vermont John had romance on the brain. With a cough and cold making its way through our house he’d been exiled to the guest room more nights than usual this past month. So there we were cold/cough free, and romance was on his brain. The babe was in the pack and play at the foot of our bed and the girls were snuggled in next door. I laughed off his request and pulled the baby into bed for his 11pm “dream feed”. He was back in his “crib” by 11:15pm and what felt like 3 winks of sleep later I was feeding him again at 4am. Too tired to put him back in the crib I fell into a one-eye-open sleep with him resting on my chest. At 5:45am our six year old Emma came in with a “bad dream tummy ache” and we let her hop in between us to rest for a bit before the day got going. Her mind was already buzzing and the questions began. With the baby tucked under one arm and Emma tossing and turning between us my husband slumbered on. At one point he rolled over and grabbed Emma into a bear hug. Then the baby stirred – all smiles and cooing as he always does first thing in the morning. It’s my favorite time of day. Sophie, our six year old, joined the pile of warm bodies at 6am and by 7am the gang headed downstairs for breakfast and cartoons before a full day of skiing. I lay in the empty bed with our newest addition and thought, “Well, this is love. Romance can wait. This is love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day. May it be full of love.

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