Spaces: Is Bigger Better?

I want a bigger house. And I want a bigger yard. And a bigger play room. Bigger is better right? Perhaps not always… This small “tree house” in the mountains of West Virginia that was built by photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz and is made mostly of repurposed old windows had me thinking about the value of a smaller home. The thing about a smaller house is that it lends itself to more intimate time together. When couples and families are forced to be in each others presence – physically sharing space – they might be more likely to interact and communicate more. In the absence of the option of retreating to a solitary space one might be forced to reconcile and meet the person they are face to face with on common ground. I loved watching the video I’ve included below and learning how and why this couple created such an intimate space right in the midst of such a breathtakingly open space.

This video tells the story of how they made their dream come true.

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