What are you thankful for?

One afternoon last weekend I came home to find John reading a book called “This is the Turkey” with the girls. They had gone to the library to check out holiday books – jonesing for the season to begin. This particular story is centered around a family that comes together for a thanksgiving feast. Food is… read more

Merry Merry Madewell

It’s that most wonderful time of year! The time to give and the time to receive. And to give. And to receive. And to give…. To kick off the holiday season I am hosting a holiday shopping event at the Madewell store on Greenwich Avenue on December 11th. Yup, you heard me right. We’re drinking, shopping, styling,… read more

Found on the Web

1) I like this POV about giving generously without expectation. 2) Some darn good apps for taking photos on your phone… 3) I love to ponder who has time to create things like this. Keep up the good work. Very funny. 4) I’m not a cat person but this blog literally had me howling with laughter. Meow! 5) My family may balk – but… read more

Boy’s Best Friend

By now you may or may not have heard about the very special relationship between Theo and Beau which is documented on the blog Momma’s Gone City. A babe and his pup – it’s a lesson in very simple love. Theo was adopted from a shelter at just 7 weeks old and his new family… read more

Mind the Gap!

In a world where Lululemon has ruled supreme for far too long it feels very refreshing to find a new line of workout clothes that are cute, well-made, and budget friendly to boot. Enter in GapFit. I am loving Gap’s sleek lines and thick supportive materials. The gFast Capris are my favorite – they come in a ton… read more

Beauty in Motion

Virginie Mecene in Martha Graham’s “Appalachian Spring” Photo by John Deane To dance is to live! The music, the bodies, the movement – they all inspire. There is so much chatter in the news about the arts and the lack of funding for them both within schools and on the professional level. One can’t help but… read more

Lip Service

Love your lips people! Especially as the winds start to whip up, the air gets drier, and the weather gets colder this winter. eos (Evolution of Smooth) is a brand worth knowing. Their balm is the bomb! The orb-shaped packaging of their lip balm is super cool and makes them easy to find in the… read more

Sentimental Videography

Many moons ago in a time that now feels far away I was a television reporter. I was an in-front-of-the-camera girl. While many of you may think I am a limelight kind of person if I am being frank I was never completely at ease in front of the camera. I covered breaking news in… read more

Favorite Fall Coats

{Saint Laurent Wool Duffle Coat $2720 vs J.Crew Colorblock Duffle Coat $350} Nothing says fall like a brand new coat. Since I spend most of my days kicking around town with kids in tow I need something warm and comfortable. Pockets are always preferred since I seem to be the receptacle of choice for candy… read more

Calling All Volunteers!

As we steamroll our way into the holiday season – I am forcing myself to take time to reflect on what it means to be thankful between now and the new year. I often find the “thanks” in Thanksgiving can get overshadowed by the “gimmes” of Christmas. Little Wings Foundation, a small non-profit that I… read more