January: Links I Love

First things first – these pics of fathers and their children will slay you. Heart. Exploding. Now. HYSTERICAL stand up by Jim Gaffigan about having multiple kids. “I’ll annoy him from midnight to 2am, who wants 3-6? Then I’ll teach training on how to kick him all night long.” I die. And taking it even… read more

Style: Getting Cozy

There is nothing better than cozy clothes – especially as the winter snow starts to really accumulate (maybe not as much as predicted but still plenty!). In the last few days it has come to my attention that my wardrobe is completely ill-equipped for the frigid weather that has arrived. You’d think as a weekend… read more

Home: Small Changes

We rent our home so over the last few years I have been unmotivated to make changes. Then with a third on the way I knew we needed to freshen things up before the baby arrived. I was so grateful for Redi-Cut Carpet in Westport as I was in dire need of new carpets in our… read more

See: Annie

Last weekend I took my girls who are 6 and 4 to see Annie and we adored it. I know it has gotten mixed reviews but I wanted to let you all know that I thought it was precious and the music was co catchy and fun that we immediately came home and downloaded the whole soundtrack… read more

Opinion: Teaching Tolerance this MLK Weekend

With my youngest just 8 weeks old I won’t pretend to have all of my whits about me as I write about a topic that is highly-charged with emotion and intellectually complicated. That being said I would be remiss if I let this weekend go by without sharing what’s on my mind this Martin Luther King… read more

Photography: Anais & Dax

There is something about these images by photographers Anais & Dax that perfectly captures the serenity and solitude of the winter. I was just discussing with a friend the turning inward that happens for each of us during these long cold months. There is a peacefulness to the slowing down but also a slight sadness in the… read more

Parenting: Funny Things Kids Say

One afternoon we got home from school and my older daughter Emma immediately asked me if I could help her with a project, make her chicken soup for lunch, and please please get her some lemonade with ice because she was “dying of thirst”. As I was explaining to her that I could only do one thing… read more

Finding Balance with Sarah Davis

A new year means new resolutions – many of mine usually revolve around balance, good health, and grounding. This year for my kids it’s about better listening and more attention to meal time etiquette. I’ve said before they bounce around like jelly beans during meals and dinner can take an hour! I was thrilled to sit… read more

Read: Where’d You Go Bernadette

As previously reported I have been on quite a run when it comes to reading great books. The last 4 I have read have left me inspired and excited about new literature. That being said the plots were very serious and often had me in tears. With the baby on the way I emailed a few… read more

Wise Words for the New Year